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Cultural Exchange Program for scholars jointly held by Sun Yat-Sen University and Macau Ricci Institute


Sun Yat-Sen University and the Macau Ricci Institute has a joint cultural exchange program today. Our Vice-Director Fr. Jaroslaw Duraj, Project Manager Brian Chao, Librarian Ms. Sofia Sou showcased the history of the Macau Ricci Institute, world heritage of the St. Joseph Church and the Seminary, also the Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy (FRSP), Saint Joseph Seminary Library and the Macau Ricci Institute Library.

Additionally, we also took a tour at the Treasure of Sacred Art of St. Joseph's Seminary and the Exhibition - "The Journey over a Thousand Miles - An Exhibition of Religious Culture and Heritage Jointly Presented By Six Religious Communities in Macao." at the Old Court Building, after that, the tour continued to the Diocesan Historical Archives and Patrimony and Macau popular historical sites, Macau Museum and Ruins of St. Paul.

The main purpose of this cultural exchange program is to let scholars and researchers to further understand the rich history behind Macau and the contributions that Matteo Ricci has brought to China. Last but not least, exchange students have donated two volumes of books to help and support rebuilding our old lost Tomás Pereira Library.