MOOC:Responsible Entrepreneurship



  • "Responsible Entrepreneurship” focuses on teaching you how to start your business responsibly and sustainably. During the course, which is divided into two parts, we will cover our approach to writing a business plan, the key fields of applied ethics, as seen in the financial, environmental, accounting and engineering fields, and how they will work together for the success of your business.


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Course Context

Throughout all of the 16 sessions, you will hear insights from responsible entrepreneurs operating in both Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Their experiences span various industries and specialties and provide perspective from both large and small company contexts.

The first part of “Responsible Entrepreneurship” will guide you in writing your business plan. A particular focus will be put on sustainability, financial transparency, accountability, anti-corruption and social responsibility as integral parts of your business plan writing strategy. The first part is 8 weeks in length, with 8 lectures in total (20 minutes each) and approximately 90 minutes of homework associated with each one.

The second part of the course focuses on various ethical principles, approaches and perspectives and how to integrate them sustainably into your business. The second part is also 8 weeks in length, with 8 lectures in total (20 minutes each) and approximately 90 minutes of homework associated with each one.


Eligibility Requirements/Target Students:

  • UIBE undergraduate student in year 2, 3 or 4
  • Working professionals
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

Course Benefits:

  • Deepen applied knowledge of all business functions.
  • Discover and develop creative career opportunities.
  • Gain understanding of business ethics principles and perspectives.
  • Learn the process and take the first steps towards starting your own business.
  • Reception of an official certificate issued by UIBE (optional).

Course Registration:

Course Duration:

  • Spring Semester: Starts in April
  • Autumn Semester: Starts in October
  • Note: Please visit the official website for detailed information


  • FREE
  • 800RMB/person for official course certificate issued by UIBE

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Rothlin International Management Consulting Co. Ltd. (ROTHLIN Ltd.):

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China Trade Institute (CTI):

CTI is the world's most advanced portal for disseminating information regarding entrepreneurial and investment opportunities coming from China to the U.S, and the rest of the world. They contributed content and expertise necessary in the development of the “Responsible Entrepreneurship” MOOC.