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19. 10. 18


News on O Clarim about MRI Symposium 2019

The spiritual legacy and life course of German Jesuit Alfred Delp and Watchman Nee, the Chinese evangelical leader who died in a labor camp in Anhui Province in 1972, were evoked on Thursday at the start of the annual Ricci Institute symposium. Macau, will be held at the San Jose Seminary premises until late afternoon.

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19. 07. 29


News on O Clarim about PADRE PIERRE BELANGER

The link between China and the Jesuits is almost as old as the Society of Jesus itself. The Middle Empire remains an important design for the members of the religious order founded in 1534 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The Jesuits, Father Pierre Belanger assures us, remain committed to the idea of serving the Chinese people, despite the difficulties that arose after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Born in Canada, Pierre Belanger is a member of the Communication Department of the General Curia of the Society of Jesus and accompanied late last week the brief visit by Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Company, to the territory. Father Pierre Belanger in an interview with 'O CLARIM.

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19. 03. 22


News on O Clarim about the frist MRI Movie Forum

Depois de Wong Kar-wai e “The Grand Master”, a vez de Zhang Yimou e “The Hero”. A segunda sessão da primeira edição do Fórum de Cinema do Instituto Ricci de Macau e da Universidade de São José está agendada para 13 de Julho, depois da sessão inaugural do evento ter reunido cerca de quatro dezenas de pessoas na passada sexta-feira, no Auditório D. Bosco, no campus da USJ na Ilha Verde.

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19. 07. 23

We are glad to have a visit from Fr. General. The Macau Ricci Institute introduce the up coming projects to the guests.An have a shot walk throug of the MRI's working place.

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19. 03. 15


Interview by O Clarim: Stephan Rothlin Sj, Director Of The Macau Ricci Institute – We Aim To Build Up Within Ten Years An Even More Comprehensive Library

It was one of the many consequences of the destruction unleashed by typhoon Hato in August 2017. Almost two years later, it still is one of the few that has never been addressed. Two years ago, the Tomás Pereira Library was wiped out by the surging waters of the most powerful cyclone to hit Macau in decades. The Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) lost more than 25,000 books and magazines and computer equipment that had been acquired a few weeks earlier. Promises were made and guarantees given, but virtually no aid was received by the organism in order to help to set up a new library.

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