From the very beginning the Macau Ricci Institute has chosen the publications as an important tool for fostering better mutual understanding between China and the world. Among the many challenges of promoting research and learning about China in China inland and abroad, the search for spiritual meaning and the balanced development of humanistic approach to the fast changing society and search of the roots is one of the priorities of our publication policy.

Therefore, to be able to continue dialogue with Chinese and Western intellectuals the MRI organizes international academic symposia, workshops and talks related to the intellectual history and Chinese-Western traditions and beliefs presented by invited speakers from China and abroad. This reach encounter through stimulating thoughts and research are then published in the MRI Publications Series such as MRI Studies Series, Humanitas and Jesuítas Publications Series.

In 2009 the Macau Ricci Institute has inaugurated a new series of its publications related to the large scope of humanistic studies, especially to the field of the spiritual and philosophical thought researched by the members of our Institute. The first volume of this series is entitled : "Guide to Buddhist Temples of China" and is dedicated to the inter-religious dialogue with Buddhism, lead and researched by its author, Fr. Christian Cochini, SJ, former MRI research fellow. The second title of the series is a commemorative volume for the Matteo Ricci Year in 2010. It presents the Ricci concerts of Bach music arranged by the MRI and the inauguration of the pipe organ in the St Joseph's Seminary Church in Macao.

The Macau Ricci Institute has published a short biography of Fr. Matteo Ricci, SJ, based on a collection of essays presented in the Institute respectively by Dr. Gianni Criveller and Dr. César Guillén Nuñez, dedicated to the memory of a great pioneer after whom our Institute is named. This modest publication which would like somehow to contribute to the worldwide commemoration of Matteo Ricci’s demise in Beijing in 1610, intends to inaugurate a series of MRI studies related to the Jesuit history in the old China mission. It will be published under the name of Jesuítas Publication Series and will introduce to the readers such outstanding figures of the past as Alessandro Valignano, Melchior Carneiro and Tomás Pereira. Each title of the series will be available in English and Chinese simplify versions.

The German Jesuit Kilian Stumpf (1655-1720) lived in Beijing from 1695 till his death in 1720, and among other important offices, was Apostolic Notary in charge of the annual report from the Jesuit mission in China to the Superior General, particularly during the Chinese Rites Controversy and the apostolic visitation of the papal legate Charles-Thomas Maillard de Tournon to China (1705-1710).The Acta Pekinensia (Facts from Beijing) report in 1,400 pages the events of the years 1705 to 1712 of the Tournon legation. The huge manuscript is based on letters and reports by vrious missionaries, on eyewitnesses’ reports, on Stumpf’s own observations, on sources from the Jesuit archives in Beijing, and on Chinese and Manchu sources from the Palace Archives. The Jesuits had planned to have the Acta Pekinensia printed, but did not succeed.An international team has been formed to bring this Project to realization.

The book has been in preparation for many years and is finally published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau S.A.R., in collaboration with the MRI, after detailed research of new sources by the author. Its main topic, the Jesuit College and Church of St. Joseph--today better known as the Seminary of St. Joseph--is arguably the most important 18th century building of the early Society of Jesus in China and certainly the most important in Macau.

This book addresses an essential need felt by many who seek to promote best business practices in China and East Asia - namely the need for culturally appropriate instructional materials (basic information, case studies and ethical perspectives) that will allow managers and entrepreneurs to understand and embrace the challenge of moral leadership in business. In an era characterized by globalization and the increasing importance of the economies of China, India, Japan, and SE Asia, international business ethics must reflect the concerns of the people living and working in this area, the moral and spiritual traditions that have nurtured them, and their specific contributions to sustainable development. This book presents twenty important case studies, taken from newsworthy events of the past few years, in which Asians and others have attempted to respond to this challenge.

This book is a study of Eric Voegelin (1901-1985) and of the role played by metaxy in his vision of political philosophy. Metaxy, already defined by Plato as the "in-between" matrix of the human condition, is for Voegelin a powerful notion that symbolizes the intermediate state in which man experiences diverse and opposing tensions such as the ones between immanence and transcendence or mortality and immortality. The metaxy constitutes the realm of the divine-human mutual participation (methexis), and its locus resides in human consciousness (nous), there where the divine reality manifests itself as the origin of being. Being the field of intermediation between opposing forces, man has to keep the balance of consciousness in order to differentiate the noetic and pneumatic dimensions and so attune his life to the divine ground of being.

The 46 original case studies featured in this book demonstrate that in many business sectors, local people and foreigners are responding to the challenges of achieving business success while competing with integrity. Cases are divided into eight sub-topics discussing internet and social media issues, labor issues, corporate social responsibility, product and food safety, Chinese suppliers and production, environmental issues, corporate governance, as well as business and society in China. Each case is followed by a discussion section, with questions to prompt reflection. This book is a valuable resource for students of International Business and Management, as well as entrepreneurs and business managers working and doing business in China.


This Rothlin & McCann book is also very timely, highly relevant today, rare in offering to blend theory and practice, concepts, and illustrations, making easier the identification and the discussion of ethical issues in business and society, while enhancing awareness and inviting the reader to take responsibility for contributing to society, to the Common Good.

The thrid volume of the serices of "Applied Ethics" had its origins in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) prepared for the University of International Business and Economics (UBIE) and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting Firm Rothlin Lid. A key feature of the MOOC is the powerful and inspiring interviews with professional and academic persions.