Cultural Exchange between China and the West: Remembering Marco Polo

The travels of Marco Polo symbolise a rich tradition of cultural encounter between China and the West. On the 7th centenary of his death, this Symposium celebrates Marco Polo’s legacy by investigating the multi-faceted cultural exchange that took place along the Silk Roads and maritime trade routes connecting China and the West from the 13th century to the present day. Throughout much of this time, the city of Macao played a pivotal role in the story of mutual discovery that unfolded through the exchange of knowledge, objects, and insights in the domains of science, religion, education, and the arts. Macao still bears the imprint of centuries of intense cultural engagement. In addition to talks and discussions highlighting the intertwined histories of China and the West negotiated through the exchange of cultural goods, this Symposium provides an opportunity for a guided tour of Macao's historical centre. It also includes a cultural event that reflects Macao's intricate cultural identity and global significance.