MRI Forum 86: Art, Culture, and Resonance in the Jesuit Mission in Aisa


  • 29 November 2016


  • Macau Ricci Institue


  • 18:00 to 21:30


  • Free


  • English



David Francis Urrows

David Francis Urrows is Associate Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, where he is Program Director of the MA in Music, and where he established The Pipe Organ in China Project in 1989.


The Jesuit mission in Asia not only brought Western architecture, music, poetry, and painting but also established an enduring resonance of these things. Resonances are also sometimes an echo left behind; one we still perceive when we look at the ruins of St. Paul’s. And they can be new stirrings, either artificial resonances (mimicry), or ones that aspire to authenticity. The emphasis today on the dialectic of histoire croisee (;entangled history’) helps to move us beyond the rhetoric of confrontation and explore how East and West have always found meeting points in the arts, even when other media and discourses are not compatible and lack resonance.